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About My Drives, Team/Shared Drives, and Shared with Me

About My Drives, Team/Shared Drives, and Shared with Me

My Drives

If you select multiple Google source accounts for transfer, only the contents of each person’s My Drive will be transferred.  Team Drives will not be transferred.  If you are selecting data from a single account, you may select /My Drive to select the root of the account.

Team/Shared Drives

You must select a specific Team Drive folder for the job to validate.  The oauth user must have Full access to a Team Drive folder to transfer data to it, or View access to transfer data from it.  Simply selecting /Team Drive will cause the job to fail validation when you try to run it.

Google recently changed the name of Team Drives to Shared Drives. While ‘Team Drives’ has been deprecated, the Google API still supports it, and ‘Team Drives’ is the terminology supported throughout CFP.

If you want to transfer data to multiple Team Drive folders in a single job, you can do so by selecting any folder on Google Drive as the target, and then use the mapping spreadsheet to apply redirects for the different Team Drive folders:

/Projects/Marketing admin@yourCompany.com /Team Drives/Marketing Y
/Projects/Engineering admin@yourCompany.com /Team Drives/Engineering Y

At present, Team Drive folders must be created directly on Google Drive.  You can apply permissions to the various Team Drive folders by entering them in the Target Paths tab.  Specify the Google admin as the owner and the full path – i.e., /Team Drives/Folder name – for Target Owner and Target Path respectively.  You can then add permissions to the desired columns.

If you do not select a Google source or target that begins with /My Drive or /Team Drives/folder, the job will not validate.

When adding redirects in the Paths tab for Team/Shared Drives, use “/Team Drives/[team folder]” and not the newer terminology, “/Shared Drives/[team folder].”

Google Shared Drives have the following limits (see https://support.google.com/a/answer/7338880?hl=en for updated info):

  • You can move a max of 400,000 items (files and folders) to a Team/Shared drive
  • Max folder depth is 20
  • There are also limits on total number of ACLs that can be applied to a Team/Shared drive. Please consult the Google URL above for details.

Shared with Me

CFP does not list or transfer content stored in the “Shared with Me” space of Google Drive.   For Google sources, the contents of each selected user’s /My Drive is transferred in a multi-user migration.  So if a given folder /My Drive/folder is created by an internal user UserA and shared with another user UserB, if you select all internal accounts for migration, it will transfer the item as part of UserA’s /My Drive migration.

Updated on September 14, 2020

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