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Google Cloud Storage

Description  Google Cloud is a cloud provider operating from cloud.google.com.  Authorization for your Google Cloud account is entered when you create your Google Cloud system.

Preparing Your Google Cloud Account  Log into your Google Cloud account (console.cloud.google.com).  Add a project:

Click your username on the top right corner, and select Create a project.

create a project

Note the project id (mycloud-project-123456 in the example below) in the pop-up that follows. You will need it for your CFP system setup.  Then click Create:

create a project

You will be in your project. Now, go to the Products & Services dropdown on the top left corner and select Storage. You will now be in the Bucket window for your current project, where you can select  Create Bucket to add a new or additional bucket for your storage.

Please note: If you are migrating into multiple buckets, every bucket will need its own system.

create a bucket

Supported POPs:  All CFP cloud POPs.


Project ID:  enter the project ID from your project above.  When you have entered a valid Project ID, the bucket field will appear directly under the Project ID field.

Bucket:  select a bucket from the Bucket dropdown.

Updated on April 3, 2020

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