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Citrix ShareFile

DESCRIPTION:  Citrix ShareFile is a cloud provider operating from www.sharefile.com.  It specializes in B2B file exchanges and data transfers.

SUPPORTED POPS:  All cloud POPs; CFP-East recommended.


SHAREFILE SUBDOMAIN:  This dropdown contains all of the available subdomains for your account. It may take up to a few minutes for the subdomains to load into the dropdown once you have entered your username and password.

The following additional fields are configured for your ShareFile system when you set it up as a source or target in a data motion job:

USE SHAREFILE SHARED FOLDER: Select this option if you want to access a shared folder in your ShareFile account. Shared Folders are in a separate tab from My Files & Folders in your ShareFile account:

SOURCE OBJECT NAME: Select a folder or file you wish to transfer.

TARGET OBJECT NAME: If you have selected the Use ShareFile Shared Folder option above (i.e., you are transferring your data to a ShareFile shared folder), you must select a folder for your data.  Otherwise, you may leave this field blank if you want your data to be transferred to the root (top) level of your My Files & Folders directory structure.

MAX CONCURRENT FILES: An index of how many files Cloud FastPath will deliver concurrently to ShareFile. Cloud Fastpath will optimize this field for you; you may leave it at its current setting unless instructed otherwise by Tervela.

Updated on March 28, 2019

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