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Box (Admin)

DESCRIPTION:  Box is a cloud provider operating from www.box.com.  Authorization for your Box account is entered when you create your Box system. The Box (Admin Account) system is required for account mapping (in which data from multiple accounts on a source is transferred to corresponding accounts on the target), and is only available if you have purchased account mapping. You must have Box admin credentials to use this system; note that co-admin credentials are frequently insufficient to access all data.

PREPARING YOUR BOX ACCOUNT:  Ensure that Cloud FastPath is an available application.  To do this:

Log into the Box Admin Console and select Business Settings from the user menu on the top right corner. Then select Apps from the top nav bar:

Enter Cloud FastPath in the Search box under Individual Application Controls and ensure that the Available radio button is selected.

In the rare event that your Box account configuration requires a key, that key is lqcdphpp6yqe8n96jq3t7g8rtcen4iuu.

While it is strongly recommended that you provide Administrator credentials to your Box (Admin Account) System, you can use co-admin credentials.  Box’s security strategy will only allow you to access that co-admin account and the accounts of non-admin Users – a co-admin cannot access data in other co-admin’s accounts or administrator accounts, even if that data is shared.

If you do want to use a co-admin account, go into your Box admin console, click on the Users icon, click the username you wish to edit, and select the Co-Admin button in the Edit User Access permissions screen.  Make sure that you have the following authorization:


  1. Locking your files with the Box “lock” feature will NOT prevent them from being overwritten if you transfer a newer version of the same file into Box.
  2. Box Note files will be exported to .docx files by default.  Pictures embedded in Box Note files via Box links are not supported. For Box Note migrations going to Google Drive, opening the .docx file directly in Google Docs may have variable results. Tervela recommends opening and re-saving the exported .docx files in Word prior to opening in Google Docs.
  3. Box links to files and folders within Box are not files and are not transferred. They will be reported in the collaborations tabs of Analysis, Simulation and Transfer reports. Box bookmarks – links to urls external to the Box account – are reported as 0B EFILTERED files. They are also not transferred.
  4. Comments on files are not transferred.
  5. If the option Only admins can create and delete first-level folders, files, and bookmarks is selected in your Box tenant (Admin Console > Enterprise Settings > Content & Sharing), CFP will not be able to create top level folders in users’ accounts, because it is creating folders in an admin-as-user capacity. If you must have this option selected during migration to Box, any top-level target folders must be created by the admin in advance of data transfer. If this option can be lifted temporarily, it can simplify your migration.
  6. Use Last Modifier for Folders:  While CFP preserves the last modified timestamp and user as client-side metadata when we create a folder on a Box target, the Box web interface only displays the server-side timestamps and last modifiers. The server-side metadata will be the user and timestamp for when the folder was created on Box.

    Client-side metadata for folders is accessible programmatically from Box. If the folder is subsequently migrated from Box, CFP will use the original client-side last modified timestamp and user.

  7. Use Last Modifier for Files:  Last modified user and timestamp will be preserved and displayed in the details for files that are transferred to Box. If the file is subsequently versioned, this information will be lost, as versions in Box use the server-side data for timestamping.

EXTERNAL USERS:  CFP fully supports transferring external shares to or from Box. If you have a shared folder in a Box account that is owned by an external user, you must use the non admin Box adapter to transfer it. This is due to the permissions Box grants the admin user of the account; the admin user cannot view externally owned shared folders in any user’s account other than their own.

SUPPORTED POPS:  All cloud POPs; CFP-West recommended.


The Box system has no system-specific fields to complete. The admin credentials provided for authorization when you select the Click Here to Log In button should be for an admin in the Box account, but they can be co-admin.

Box Source and Target Node Configuration

Source Node Configuration

SOURCE ACCOUNT LIST Select the account(s) you wish to transfer. If you select multiple accounts, you will transfer the entire contents of each account. If you select a single account, you will see an additional field, Source Files and Folders. You can select all of the data from the one account using the Source Files and Folders selector, or you can select a subset of the data in the one account.

SOURCE FILES AND FOLDERS This field will only be displayed if a single account is selected from the Source Account List chooser.

SOURCE OBJECT NAME, SOURCE FOLDER/FILE NAME  Select the folder or file from the file chooser that you want to transfer. Be aware of any constraints on file number or size conferred by your cloud service provider or network when you select the file(s) for transfer.

Target Node Configuration

TARGET ACCOUNT NAME  The account that will receive all files from the source. Note that if you select a team member, it will nullify any directives from the spreadsheet for account mapping. If you are running account mapping, this field should be left blank.

DESTINATION FOLDER  Enter the folder name into which you wish to transfer your files on the target (destination) server. Note that even if you enter a filename in this field, such as file.txt, Cloud FastPath will create a directory with this name and will place your transferred file into that directory.

Advanced Box Fields

INCLUDE FILE METADATA Transfer proprietary Box data that is associated with Box source files. Note that you must have a target that can capture this data. Consult Tervela Tech Support for details.

Migrate Box Notes in Native Format Migrate Box Notes in their original format instead of exporting them to Word. This is generally only useful when migrating from one Box account to another.

Account Mapping Considerations

Like many cloud service providers, Box uses waterfall permissions, which means if a folder is shared with another user, all files and subfolders that are further down in the directory tree will also be shared with that user.

Updated on February 8, 2021

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