MSP Accounts

MSP accounts provide a means for Managed Service Providers to set up multiple discrete accounts for their customers who need managed migrations.  When you sign up for a trial MSP account, you get a master account, which has a 10GB data quota, plus two trial accounts, each of which has a 1MB quota.  The trial accounts are intended to be just that, for trial purposes to understand how CFP works, and are not designed to be converted over to actual customer accounts.

Once you enter a credit card for your MSP account (select the ‘Partner’ option in Billing), your data quota will be cleared from your main account and you will have a quota for two Revenue accounts, which are where you will run your customer migrations.

The most mystifying stage of account set-up is that when you first log into a child account, there are no buttons to deploy POPs or run jobs on the dashboard. That’s because the admin of the parent account is also an admin on the child account, but it is not an editor on the account.  As an admin, you can add edit rights to the account and the buttons will display on the dashboard.

Your MSP Account

  1. If you have a trial account, you can go to Partner Accounts to view your trial accounts:Partner Accounts
  2. You can create a trial account by clicking the Add New Trial Account button:Add trial account

Paying for Your MSP Account

To pay for your MSP account, simply select Billing > Plan and select the Subscribe button. Select the Partner plan type to sign up for the MSP plan.

Setting up a Child Revenue Account

  1. Select Partner Accounts from the dashboard menu. Select Add New Revenue Account:Revenue account
  2. Enter the customer name. Comment/descriptor is optional:Add revenue account
  3. You have a quota of two Revenue accounts. You can deactivate an account at any time by clicking the trash bin for an activated account, at which point you will have one account added back to your quota:deactivate account
  4. Once you deactivate an account, the data in it is only recoverable for 30 days after deactivation.

Logging Into a Child Account

  1. Once your child account – trial or revenue – is activated, you can go to that account by selecting Switch Account from the dashboard menu:Switch Account

  2. Select the child account you want to go to:select child account
  3. When the dashboard displays, follow the instructions on the overlay to give yourself editor permissions, so you can deploy a POP and run jobs.msp info
  4. Specifically, to make yourself an editor, select Account Users from the dashboard menu, and add yourself as an editor:Add Edit Role
  5. You’ll now see the Deploy POP button on your dashboard, and can deploy the POP of your choice. Consult Tervela if you are unsure of which POP to deploy.
Updated on April 19, 2019

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