Partner Accounts

Partnership accounts are designed for CFP partners who need to set up several separate accounts for their customers.  Most partnerships are for cloud service providers and consultants who help to migration end users to those cloud service providers.For information on toggling between multiple CFP accounts, see Account Switcher.

Registering for a Partner Account

  1. Contact your Tervela Sales representative to set up an agreement on the number of trial accounts and revenue accounts to allocate.  You will also need to agree on the type (e.g., CFP-West) and number of POPs in each account. Tervela Sales will notify Support on how to configure your account.
  2. Register for a CFP account with a unique email address that you haven’t used previously for a CFP registration.  In the comments, mention that you are signing up for a partner account and identify your CFP sales representative.
  3. You will receive an email requesting that you confirm your email address.  Click the link in the email to confirm.
  4. You will be registered for a Partner account and notified when it is ready for you to log in.

About users in partner accounts

Tervela recommends that you have at least two users for the parent partner account.  For organizations and accounts of any size or complexity, more users can be added.  This ensures that if one user is unable to access the account due to termination, forgotten password, or some other reason, another user can still access the partner accounts.  Tervela also recommends two factor authentication for all users, but it is particularly relevant when managing your customers’ data to protect against unauthorized access.

Creating accounts for your customers

  1. Click on the Accounts link in the upper right corner of the CFP dashboard.  Select the Partner Accounts subtab under Settings.
  2. Click on the Add New Revenue Account or Add New Trial Account button to add the desired account.
  3. Enter a Company Name in the Company Name field, and then click the Add New Account button.  It will activate automatically; you’ll add users to this account later.
  4. Log out of your main Partner account, then log back in.  You’ll see the account listed that you just created.
  5. Important – if you will be installing the Windows app, make a note of the account Nickname, which is right next to the Select button.  Then click the Select button to log into your new account.  Account Nickname will also be displayed in the Accounts Modal.
  6. Click on the Accounts link to call up the Accounts modal and go to the Account Users tab.  Your email address for the main Partner account will be listed as the one user in this account.
  7. You may invite other users and make one of those users the admin of the account.  Those users will log into their Partner sub account as if it were any other CFP account, using their username and password. Assuming they are only registered to the one account, they will not see any of the other Partner sub accounts and will have no access to any of the information in them.

Adding a POP to your account

  1. Click the Deploy POP button on the dashboard.
  2. Enter a name for your POP and select one of the following POP types: CFP Google USA, CFP West, CFP East, CFP Azure US East, CFP Europe. Click OK.
  3. You will return to the dashboard and you will see your POP starting up.

Installing the Windows app for Partner accounts

  1. To install the Windows app, download the .msi file to the desired computer and install as usual.  If you are registering with a one-time key, the key will already be tied to the partner sub account where it was generated.
  2. When the Windows app prompts you to enter credentials, enter your usual username and password.  Click Register and a popup window will display, in which you can select the desired partner sub account to which you wish to install the Windows app.
  3. Alternatively, you can enter the username for the specific partner subaccount directly in the Email field;  the format for username is <partner email> in <account nickname>.  So if your email for the main Partner account is, and the Account Nickname is itlincompanycom1, the username that you enter for the Windows app is in itlincompanycom1.  Enter your CFP password in the Password field, and click Register.  Account Nickname appears at the top of the Account & Security tab when you click on the Account link in the dashboard header.
  4. Note that if you have added other users to the Partner sub account, they can also enter their credentials in the Windows app. As long as their email address is unique to a single CFP account, they do not need to add the ‘in <account name>’ trailer to the username.
Updated on February 5, 2020

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