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Accounts Billing

Billing Tab

The Billing tab has three subtabs:

  • Usage
  • Plans
  • Payments

Usage Subtab

This tab displays the total transferred bytes used in your account. For trial customers, data consumption is metered from the registration date. For paid customers, data consumption is metered from the billing start date. The total bytes used may take a moment or two to load into the Accounts modal.

Plans Subtab

The Plans subtab enables you to change your plan between Professional and Enterprise. Simply click the Change Plan button to change your plan. Consult your Tervela Sales person to advise you on the difference between plans before changing it.

Payments Subtab

The Payments Subtab contains historical information about payments made to your account.

You may also stop auto renewal from this screen.  Note that if you click the Stop Auto Renewal button, your account will deactivate on the date noted after you click the button.

Updated on February 13, 2020

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