Are you considering a migration to Dropbox Business? Get our guide, and learn about the platform’s latest updates and benefits.

    Discover the power and adaptability of Dropbox Business today:

  • Smart Sync: Access your files directly from the cloud, and forget the days of worrying about server space. Users are no longer at the mercy of headache-inducing file organizations, and IT is no longer at the mercy of exorbitantly priced server space.
  • Team Folders: Ensure all members of your team have access to all necessary documents, and say goodbye to the days of stressing over who was in charge of what files. Collaboration has never been easier.
  • Team Spaces: Make sure every user is on the same page, literally.
    No more navigating nested folders and multiple Dropboxes to hunt for files that you’re ultimately locked out of. Team Spaces creates an intuitive structure for your organization, centralizes, and simplifies sharing, so that permissions, security, and communication are easier than ever.

“With Cloud FastPath we’ve been able to dramatically accelerate our EFSS migration. The CFP team has been amazing. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner for this critical project.”

– Houghton Mifflin Harcourt