Our Team + The Power of Cloud FastPath = File Server Decommissioning

In this series, we explore some of the reasons why our customers have been migrating off of their aging and feature-lacking file servers for greener pastures.

What Does it Take to Run a High-availability File Server?

A reliable, redundant, and available file server ecosystem takes much more than some hard drives. Many elements that help make a file server run are often overlooked. While many think file servers are great because they “just work”, you should take a second look at what’s required to deliver file servers, whether it’s technology, the people, or the risk.

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Diagram of moving file server data to the cloud

Storage is Cheap, Uptime is Expensive

Sure, anyone can buy some hard drives and link them to a network for a seemingly minuscule price. However, for enterprise-grade file storage and access, there are dozens of technologies supporting storage including software, hardware, backup, reporting, and compliance. When looked at as a whole, it is clear that the true cost of storage is much higher than many think.

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File Servers Are Not Secure

Yes, we are going there. If you look at many of the recent large-scale vulnerabilities, breaches, ransomware, and general threats, they’re targeted towards file servers and standard on-premises systems. Read this post to hear our argument that cloud content collaboration platforms are far more secure.

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Insecure file servers

Infographic: Cloud Collaboration Platforms vs File Servers