Secure Content Migration, Sync, and Backup

Cloud FastPath security is backed by a unique architecture, thorough policies, and years of experience. As a Cloud FastPath customer, your data will be protected by technology built to meet the needs of the most security-demanding organizations across the globe.

Cloud FastPath’s security profile is particularly advantageous because customer data is never staged, cached, written to disk, or saved. Cloud FastPath technology ensures no person or system has access to your organization’s data while it is at rest or in motion.

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Eliminate the threats of exposure as your data moves into and between clouds.</h4 >

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Know exactly what data was moved, by who, to where, and when.

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Be assured that all data has been moved successfully and in its complete form.

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Meet every expectation of cloud security requirements in regulated industries.

Cloud FastPath Services

Secure Data Movement Expertise

Content transfers to the cloud and between clouds are difficult and can potentially expose your content to third parties. Cloud FastPath has been developed to address expected and unexpected data transfer security threats. The Cloud FastPath team has guided the most security-sensitive organizations through every step of a large scale migration, sync, or backup.

Permissions Best Practices

Replicating permissions between systems is the most difficult aspect of data movement. The process also has important security implications. With a combination of proven features and know-how, Cloud FastPath and our support team will you ensure permissions are maintained and managed as you move data between systems.

Data Sovereignty and Privacy

Staying compliant with internal policies, external regulations, and data privacy laws is critical for all companies today. Cloud FastPath ensures data stays within the EU, Canada, or other regions by spinning up its entire transfer infrastructure within these regions. And while your data is in motion, it is never cached, written to disk, or staged in any way.

Cloud FastPath Security Features

Auto Lock Out and Time Out
Multi Geo Zone Deployment
AES-256 Encryption
Two Factor Authentication and Password Enforcement
Access Logging and User Control
Data is Never Staged, Cached, Stored, or Persisted

Cloud FastPath Certifications

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