Google Drive File Stream is Changing How You Access Your Files

Google wants to give you easier access to your files, and with File Stream they have. Now everything in your Drive is available directly on your desktop, without a single byte of your disk space being taken up. No need to go through the hassle of going to the Drive web app anymore, it’s all right there on your computer!

Google Drive has always been known for its user-friendly interface, but many simply prefer to work on their own desktop. In line with the similar features of other content collaboration platforms, File Stream allows users to not only access files from their desktop but download them and mark them for use offline, as well. With the whole of your Drive files at your fingertips, your organization’s capacity for collaboration and storage efficiency is only getting bigger.

Realtime View of User Desktop Experience for Google Drive File Share Users.

With Google File Stream there’s no reason to fret about the storage cost of large files, and any enterprise looking to decommission their file servers should consider deploying File Stream as a part of their migration strategy. While users from businesses that rely on on-premises file servers are forced to worry about disk space on their personal devices, File Stream provides users with an easily accessible alternative: the ease of cloud storage combined with the ease of desktop access to files.

It is important to note that file stream is different than the sync client included with all Google Drive accounts. All Google Drive users have access to Backup and Sync, but File Stream is only available to G Suite users. Backup and Sync works fine when users have an internet connection, but it also demands that you download your files constantly, and take up space on your computer. File Stream on the other hand gives you constant remote access to your files in the cloud without having to take up any space on your hard drive.

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Through this platform, search and sharing are also optimized. Seemingly insurmountable bulk of files to sort through? Easily search from your desktop. Looking to share content with your team? Easily locate and send it without having to access the Google Drive web interface. With File Stream, every single file you need is directly at your fingertips. My Drive is right there, for whatever you need it.

Desktop File Access Interface in Google Drive File Stream.

Additionally, this means that IT doesn’t need to worry about the cost of servers or the time it takes to sort through file-related support tickets. That time that IT needs to take to help users access files when servers are having issues can now be spent dealing with other tasks.

This also means that the transition to Google Drive is easier for users, as the learning curve for Google Drive is drastically decreased. New functionalities can be gradually introduced throughout with the help of IT, but files still remain accessible to users in a format with which they’re entirely comfortable.

Google Drive has had a desktop app before, but integrations with G Suite will allow admins to have additional control through File Stream, especially in terms of monitoring of implementation that the app did not provide. Everything will be centralized in the G Suite Admin Console, allowing for admins to oversee syncing options and control how their organization updates the software—manually or automatically, depending on their preference.

Google Drive has always put user experience first, delivering a cloud experience that privileges comfort and convenience. With File Stream, Google Drive continues that trend, offering a multitude of new ways for users to access their files wherever and however they want. With File Stream, Google Drive eliminates the learning curve for cloud collaboration, while continuing to offer organizations a platform that goes above and beyond any and all capabilities of on-premises servers. It might seem too good to be true, but that’s what Google Drive specializes in.