September 2017 Release Notes

New Features

Account and Permission Mapping (APM)

  • The source owner field is no longer required in the spreadsheet when the source is Windows, as this can be inferred
  • ACLs can now be revoked during an APM job; previously they were only additive
  • User mappings which have no effect due to target path remapping are optional


  • New permission mapping strategy for Box: automatically restrict/remove permissions when there is an inheritance conflict
  • Now support archived team folders on Dropbox
  • Support for Team Shared Dropbox (CDM) accounts

Web UI 

  • Edit button on dashboard allows multiple jobs to be selected for tagging, commenting, and deletion
  • There is a new status “drawer” on the right side of the APM screens with summary information
  • You can navigate between jobs using the left and right arrows on the job screens

Reporting and Analysis 

  • You can now select multiple file statuses in the analysis and transfer report screens.  These are also OR’d together for exports
  • There is a new Export Center accessed from the title bar, which shows you all of the exports you have run in the last 7 days.  This can be useful for initiating a batch of exports for offline processing
  • The job event log is now included in the exported reports


  • Exclude filters can now be applied before the job scanning phase by toggling a job option.  This can be used to skip scanning very large folders that are known to not be of interest.
  • Validation of large numbers of sources and targets is less likely to time out
  • The custom metadata feature has improved validation and automatic data type conversions
  • Various improvements have been made to the job splitter and the SharePoint on-premises adapter

New Beta Features

POP Bandwidth Scheduler

  • You can now schedule the bandwidth limit for jobs running on a POP.   Click the ‘Schedule’ button on the POP popover.
  • The schedule is hour by hour over a weekly period.  You can, for example, configure a schedule for limited bandwidth Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, and unlimited otherwise.
  • These limits are per-job, not aggregated, so plan accordingly if you are running multiple concurrent jobs from a single POP.
    This is currently an opt-in feature.

Bulk UNC Path Import

  • For APM jobs with the a “Windows All Shares” source option (formerly “Windows All Drives and Shares”) you can now paste in a list of UNC paths without having to first mount them from Windows.
    This is currently an opt-in feature.

APM Analysis from Linked Job

  • APM jobs may now receive their analysis data (the results of the “Generate” step) from another job.  
  • This allows you to use a single master analysis job as a template for many smaller jobs.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • A number of issues encountered when running the Windows App in service mode have been addressed.  
  • POPs now wake up as expected after using the Switch Accounts feature

As always, let us know if you have any questions.
Best regards,
The Cloud FastPath team