The New Cloud FastPath Project Center is Upping the Ante on Migration Management

At Cloud FastPath, we’re constantly striving to find new and better ways to help organizations migrate. Whether it’s enhanced reporting, updated planning features, or just an easier to navigate UI, Cloud FastPath isn’t content to settle for anything less than the best possible migration tools for users. Enterprise migration is a big deal, and organizations who make the decision to undertake migration deserve a tool that they can trust will go the distance with them.

That’s why we created the new Cloud FastPath Project Center.

At its heart that Project Center was designed with the major challenges we’ve seen users and organizations face when migrating: a centralized hub providing a window into every step of migration from the very beginning to the very end. As we’ve helped migrate millions of users and petabytes on petabytes of data for organizations across multiple diverse industries, we’ve made sure to consistently find the best way to assuage and address their concerns, and help them navigate the process of migration. With this in mind, we built the Project Center to give users the ultimate tool to make sure their migration is going just as planned, and to help them quickly and effectively make any changes that they might need to. It offers:

● Unified reporting: Report project status to key stakeholders, create reports of current status for the project team, and dive into detailed auditing from the same interface.
● Flexible migration view: Migration operators can manage the migration at large and focus in on the constituent current task.
● Multi-job scheduling and management. A single interface shows relevant information and actions for efficient manipulation of many migration components.

With multiple levels of viewability, administration, and detail, the Cloud FastPath Project Center is designed to provide the information each member of your team needs to ensure the success of your migration, and to provide that information in an easy-to-use package.

Cloud FastPath knows that every member of a team takes a different position in a complex migration, and, as such, needs different types and amounts of information. While management might want the basic, broad overview of the process, IT will need to see in-the-weeds details. A migration that contains potentially thousands of users will always be a multi-faceted, multi-tiered process, and the Project Center is built to reflect that.

This transparency becomes especially important in the process of planning, a stage to which the Project Center devotes a great deal of attention.

When a migration falls through, it’s often because of a lack of sufficient planning.

Cloud FastPath understands this, and that’s why the Project Center is built to prevent preliminary issues through powerful planning tools. With the Project Center, users and teams can work together to design a sensible and flexible migration plan, and set interim migration goals that can be closely monitored to ensure your migration stays on track.

The Project Center takes the same approach–providing IT and admins with extensive, up to date migration information–at the tail end of the migration, as well.

With every wave, there are bound to be accounts and users that get left behind. With the Project Center, IT teams are quickly alerted about the presence of these stragglers, so that they can be sorted into upcoming waves or migrated in one final trailing wave at the end. Because of the swiftness and detail of the Project Center’s notifications and the depth of its reporting capabilities, the stress of trying to figure out who and what was missed in a migration goes right out the window.

The sum of all of these features is the true strength of the Project Center: a smart, adaptable migration tool, built around the needs and experiences of organizations who have migrated in the past. Designed to be easy-to-use, simple to navigate, comprehensive, and flexible, the Cloud FastPath Project Center puts the full power of conscious, efficient, and secure migration in one place, all for the benefit of the users.

Seize on the full power of cloud migration with the Project Center, and see what the migration hype is really all about.

To learn more about the capabilities and functions of the Cloud FastPath Project, check out our white paper, with added insights from Senior Solutions Architect Catherine Powell on specific features within the Center, and how they empower users and admins alike.