Microsoft’s Cloud Compensation: MSP’s, Are You Getting Paid?

As a new Microsoft ISV Partner this year we were excited to attend our first WPC which was being held in Toronto.

With the influx of roughly 17,000 attendees and thousands of partners it can easily become an overwhelming event. For Cloud FastPath we went into the WPC with one key question: how can we help more customers adopt Microsoft Azure and O365.

After numerous conversations with Microsoft employees and other partners at the WPC it is clear that everyone is focused on moving towards Azure and Office 365, this places Cloud FastPath as an integral piece in this cloud transformation.

Those conversations rang true again during Microsoft’s Q4 call. Satya Nadella mentioned that Azure’s revenue doubled year over year and “The Microsoft Cloud is seeing significant customer momentum and we’re well positioned to reach new opportunities in the year ahead.”

So the question remains, why should you choose Cloud FastPath as the platform to migrate content into the Microsoft cloud?

Microsoft plans to reward their partners for driving more consumption into Azure as well as more productivity into O365. As a Microsoft partner you are going to be compensated for doing, what is most likely, already in your project pipeline for FY17 and that is having your customers adopt more components of O365, like OneDrive for Business (ODB) and SharePoint Online as well as moving their data storage into Azure Blob Storage. This is where Cloud FastPath can help you.

Cloud FastPath is known for its speed, simplicity, and security all are components that make your migration jobs easier to handle. We also can handle different types of migrations from on-premises to the cloud and cloud to cloud.

We are able to adapt to any of your migration needs whether that is moving a customer’s on-premise storage to Azure or moving their file content from Box to ODB and SharePoint online. From one dashboard you can drag and drop multiple systems and create various migrations jobs with no babysitting.

But let’s focus on speed. Performance is crucial, especially when you have high customer demands and shrinking project deadlines. Some of our best customers have been able to achieve 1 GB per minute in data transfer when moving to these Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) platforms like ODB.

Why is our performance important to you? The old acronym, WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), gets tossed around a lot especially in sales meetings but it’s the most critical piece of the puzzle to solve when creating a strong customer relationship. You can have the best product in the world but if you cannot figure out what value it’s going to bring to your customers then they are not going to care.

Besides finishing projects within the scoped timeline and staying under budget, we are allowing you to take on more customers within the fiscal year. The more customers you can onboard into Azure or O365, in a fast and efficient way, the more you are going to be compensated by Microsoft.

This is how Cloud FastPath can help you get more compensation. By onboarding more customers, you are in a better position not just financially but you will be given the chance to move up in Microsoft partner status, a value that reaps much more accolades than compensation. Who knows maybe at next year’s WPC your company is the one receiving an award for most outstanding partner.

The Core Benefits MPN program allows to earn internal use right and gain Azure credits from $6,000 – $12,000 per year. It also outlines the Azure Consumption requirements:

Azure Consumption

Your Azure customer consumption can start as little as USD $15,000 for the previous 12 months for a Silver Tier and $100,000 for Gold Tier.

To meet the Azure consumption requirement, your organization will need to be assigned as the Digital Partner of Record for each Azure subscription your organization is responsible for delivering and/or managing an Azure-based solution.

Customer references

Your organization must submit three to five Microsoft Office 365 customer references from within the previous 12 months, depending if you are applying for Silver or Gold Competency tier. After a reference has been approved, it can be used toward earning or renewing a competency for up to two years.

Pay the fee

The annual fees for Cloud Platform Competency vary between Silver and Gold tiers.

Get a complimentary migration strategy consultation and/or Cloud FastPath 20GB trial account. We look forward to making your job easier.