May 2018 Release Notes

This release brings with it an important new feature which we think will change the way organizations approach the migration problem. The Project Center’s first edition is based on lessons learned from migrating many petabytes of content into and between cloud collaboration platforms. Learn more about it here and in upcoming content, and learn more about the rest of the upgrades in this release!

Project Center

  • The Project Center is a brand new feature which allows you to organize groups of related jobs into projects.
  • The new analytics can show you overall project completion, even when job runs overlap each other due to splitting, rearranging, etc. during a large migration.
  • Using the existing Analysis feature, you can “prime” the project with the entire scope of the migration, and then as you run smaller jobs the completion percentage will be computed based on the files analyzed.
  • The Project Center distinguishes between transfer-only and ACL application runs, so you can see for example that all data has been transferred, but none of the ACLs have been applied.
  • There is a new visual scheduling page where you can view historical runs as well as upcoming runs for the jobs in the project.
  • If you have an upcoming migration that will be composed of many jobs, reach out to our support team for a demo of Project Center — it could save you a lot of time.


  • We have new “collaborator” charts and reports showing the files and folders a user has access to, in addition to files that they own.
  • There is now a more user-friendly ACL view when examining files and folders in an analysis, simulation, or transfer report.

Account & Permission Mapping

  • It is now possible to regenerate an account map with new settings without re-scanning the source.
  • There is an option to disable inheritance for SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Google Drive.
  • The spreadsheet row limit has been increased to 1,000,000.
  • We now show metadata processing errors in the UI.

User Interface

  • You can now import lists of email addresses in the account chooser.
  • There is a new opt-in “Enable Support Access” button under Account->Help & Support.  You can toggle this to allow our support team to examine your configuration.

Sources and Targets

  • We have added support for Syncplicity as a source for migration.
  • Migrations from Google Drive to Google Drive now migrate the native documents, rather than the exported version.
  • Google Drive to Google Drive transfers will preserve comments on documents.
  • Box links can be pasted into the file chooser.
  • OneDrive and SharePoint Online now use the Microsoft Graph API.
  • It is no longer necessary to manually add the Secondary Site Administrator entitlement for SharePoint Online.
  • We now support Huddle FedRAMP as a source.