June 2019 Release Notes

Ring in the summer with a new and dynamic installment of Cloud FastPath!

Continue reading below to see what’s new in CFP for June, and how Cloud FastPath is continuing to raise the bar on what an enterprise-level migration solution can do!

Windows App

We have made performance optimizations to the Windows App which improve scanning time for remote file servers. The higher the latency between the machine running the App and the server, the more these optimizations will help. As always, we recommend locating the Windows App as close to the file server as possible, since the SMB protocol is very latency-sensitive.
We have improved the detection of some types of SSL forward proxies during the registration process.
All support for Windows Vista and Server 2008 before R2 has been removed.


We have added color coding to the generated spreadsheets to assist you in finding cells which require attention.
The map processing status updates in the web interface are more responsive and accurate.
Subfolders can now be “unskipped” in the APM spreadsheet even when the enclosing folder is skipped, by setting the Skip column to N.


Analysis results can now be filtered on versions. You can use this to determine how large a dataset would be if you were to migrate all versions, a subset of versions, or just the most recent version.
You can now filter for errors encountered during analysis, such as permission denied.
Path-too-long errors from Office 365 are now clearly reported during simulation.
The collaborators report only shows ACLs or sharing which is not inherited from a parent folder.


Jobs can now be “locked” so that they can’t be run, or can only be run via the scheduler and not the dashboard. This is not a lock in a security sense; it serves to prevent accidental starts, as a better alternative to deleting jobs to ensure that they don’t run again.
We have expanded our in-app help coverage and added a dedicated help icon next to fields which have extended help available. Clicking this will take you to the Knowledgebase, which has been revamped for this release.

Adapters & Integrations

Box notes can now be automatically exported to .docx files.
We now preserve the folder last modified time when uploading to Box. Note that this only applies to the initial folder creation; subsequent sync operations will not update the folder modification time.
Document and spreadsheet files can now be automatically imported as native Google Docs.
The Secondary Site Administrator role on Office 365 will only be added to sites which are being migrated from, and not during traversal in the file chooser.
You can now suppress the creation of empty folders during transfer. This is especially useful in conjunction with the last modified filters, to prevent folders which contain no unfiltered files from being created on the target.
All sources now support the last modified filters.


You can now maintain active sessions to multiple CFP accounts from within a single browser. If you visit the login page in a new tab while logged into an account, you will be offered the option to join the existing session or start a new one. We expect that this will be useful to our partners who manage multiple concurrent migrations.

Email Address Change

We have changed the email address that automatic emails such as job completion notifications originate from, to support@cloudfastpath.com from cfp-support@tervela.com.

For more information on how Cloud FastPath and its latest improvements can help you transform you organization, through the power of cloud migration, simply contact us or sign up for a free trial!