Cloud FastPath June 2017 Release

Here is a quick rundown of the new features in our June release.

Two-factor Authentication

Cloud FastPath now supports (and encourages) 2FA. Cloud FastPath’s 2FA uses an app on your mobile phone to generate security codes in addition to your password for increased account security.

Metadata Mapping out of Beta

Select target systems now support mapping custom metadata such as size, color, price, etc. This is accomplished via Cloud FastPath’s flexible mapping feature.

This is intended to be used when migrating from legacy Enterprise Content Management systems.

Account Switcher

You can now switch between multiple accounts without logging out and logging back in again.

TCP Performance Improvements

Cloud Fastpath will now use multiple concurrent TCP channels to transfer data between points of presence. This will improve performance, especially when using on-premises data sources which are located a long distance from the target point of presence.

New Charts & Filters

Break down files by category and by extension in Cloud FastPath’s Statistics and File System views.

Filters are now grouped by section

Shift-click in charts will drill down in the files tab

Job Comments

You can now view and edit comments right from the dashboard, using the “talk bubble” icon.

Fast Rescan for Permission Mapping Jobs

Cloud FastPath now has the option to run a fast rescan which only looks for changes to the target users in a job, and does not scan the source files. This can pick up changes to user state and additions and deletions.

Automated Job Splitter

Improvements to Cloud FastPath’s automatic job splitter makes it easy to break up a single very large job into smaller units for performance enhancements and better management.

New Views in Permission Mapping Wizard

There is now an advanced configuration view which shows all available parameters.

Scheduling permission mapping jobs can now be done from the step by step configuration view.

Responsiveness Improvements

We have made some backend changes which improve the web app update time.

Sharepoint On-Premises

Mysite enumeration

Versioning support

Huddle support

We now support the Huddle service as a source for migration.