How To Transfer Files to Citrix ShareFile Without Breaking A Sweat

Citrix ShareFile is a popular enterprise file sharing service that’s letting many companies finally get rid of the cumbersome and maintenance-heavy file servers they have to take care of themselves. Citrix ShareFile is lauded for its ease-of-use as well as its strength in security and compliance. It’s a fantastic alternative for companies who have been reluctant to store files on the cloud, but are now ready to take that first leap.

If you have significant amounts of data spread out across numerous file servers, it can take some time to get those files into ShareFile. Migration projects can be challenging, as they typically require a lot of babysitting and manual error handling. However, with Cloud FastPath, this is no longer the case.

This video will show you how to easily migrate your files currently on file servers to the cloud using ShareFile quickly, easily and securely.

Never deal with FTP or scripting again

If you’ve ever had the responsibility of migrating files from one server to another (in the cloud or otherwise), you know how complex this task can be. Cloud FastPath eliminates all that complexity. Easy color-coding in the Cloud FastPath app tells you exactly what you’ll need to do next. Everything blue? You’re ready to configure. Seeing orange? More information is required to validate or complete the current step. All green? You’re good to go.

This step-by-step video takes you through all the steps required to move a large file hierarchy into Citrix ShareFile. Everything is controlled through Cloud FastPath’s online dashboard, from connecting to your Windows system, to selecting source and destination directories, to monitoring the data transfer process

Automate Everything

At the core of this operation is the Cloud FastPath app. The Windows download is lightweight and easy to install. From there, everything is managed over the web. As you’ll see in this tutorial, you set up jobs through a point-and-click interface, and then the system automates a massive file transfer to ShareFile for you, without breaking a sweat.

Ready to go home for the weekend? Go ahead. Any network errors the system runs into will be addressed automatically, and when you’ll be notified over email when the job is complete. Plus, you have access to all the metrics and statistics in the Cloud FastPath dashboard.

Try Cloud FastPath For Your Citrix ShareFile Migration

Cloud FastPath allows you to enjoy the real benefits of Citrix ShareFile (simple sharing, accessibility, security, and of course, storage) while automating the messiest parts of it – data transfer. After you’ve watched the video, be sure to register for Cloud FastPath and try it out for yourself!