How To Easily Migrate A Windows Shared Drive To Dropbox

Looking for an easy way to move the content on your business’ shared drives from Windows to Dropbox or a similar file sharing service? This short video will help. It guides you through a file migration process using Cloud FastPath — a simple, fast and secure way of moving files to the cloud.


Say Hello to Easy File Migration to Dropbox

With Cloud FastPath, you are able to avoid complicated installations and data pathways, and you mitigate the risk of exposing sensitive information. The Cloud FastPath Windows App is quick to download and creates a direct, reliable and secure conduit that moves your data to the cloud service of your choice.


Kiss Complicated Transfers Goodbye

In this tutorial video, you’ll learn how to easily conduct a Windows-to-Dropbox file migration, using Cloud FastPath.

The steps are straightforward:

  1. Download the Cloud FastPath Windows App
  2. Point to your Dropbox account
  3. Identify each drive that you want to move
  4. Go

With Cloud FastPath, you have the ability to review metrics about your migration, see how much data has transferred, stay on top of the elapsed time, and understand any errors that occur along the way as well as how Cloud FastPath automatically addresses or works around them. Of course, you can always see the estimated time remaining and access the complete set of transfer logs.


Solve Your Windows-To-Dropbox Migration Problems In A Flash

Watch this video and learn how Cloud FastPath:

  • Automatically deals with network outages and disruptions
  • Keeps information in files and folders secure during the move
  • Migrates the data you need, whether it is an entire collection of files or just a few documents
  • Targets destination folders to help organize your new repository
  • Displays status information, events, time elapsed and estimates of time remaining
  • Avoids any complicated setup or installation

Cloud FastPath: Simple, Fast And Secure File Migration to Dropbox

Curious about how Cloud FastPath will work in your environment? Trying it is easy — the best way is to run a test migration using a file tree or two. Register now, and you can make your data migration an efficient and secure process — most importantly, one you don’t have to do on your own!