Get to Know the Security Features in Dropbox Business

Like its competitor platforms, Dropbox for Business has proven itself dedicated to providing powerful and robust security features for end users and admins alike. The cloud solution offers numerous options with regards to data protection, especially in the wake of increasing compliance questions, and it seems with each passing month, another tool is added to the roster.

While it should go without saying that content security is an essential element of cloud storage, it’s less energetically advertised than many other facets of the storage strategy. While Dropbox, Box, SharePoint Online, et cetera will often lead with their flashier features–be it the introduction of machine learning or the optimization of workflow automation–security strengths are rarely put front and center, unless in the wake of some massive breach.

With this in mind, we’re here to walk you through some of the fundamentals of Dropbox for Business’ security features, to help you understand how your IT specialists and administrators will be able to monitor, track, and protect the content on which your organization depends.

The Basics

The majority of Dropbox for Business’ security tools fall squarely in line with what an organization would require or expect from an enterprise cloud storage solution. In their description of these tools, Dropbox repeatedly emphasizes “visibility” as a core component of its security strategy, and the tools themselves certainly bear this out.

Dropbox administrators have a wide range of powers, whether they oversee the entire Dropbox Business environment or are assigned to one specific team or group. In both of these scenarios, admins have the ability to dictate the access and sharing permissions of any users who belong to the sphere over which they are an admin, and can regularly view the real-time behavior of individual end users. On top of this, Dropbox administrators have the ability to log-in as different users to closely see how they’ve interacted with or saved content, remove users from groups or teams, forbid users from connecting work and personal Dropbox accounts, or change the level of security required for users to log in–be it simple email/password or two factor authentication.

Security activity display in Dropbox Business

These powers ensure that admins have consistent oversight of user behavior within the cloud environment, which is essential to protecting sensitive pieces of content. From the central admin dashboard, administrators are able to see every action taken by any user within their purview, and respond appropriately. While admin duties with regards to users will–more often than not–stick to simple things like assigning the accessibility of a given document or spreadsheet, the wealth of tools and powers guarantees that admins won’t be caught off guard in the case that a user’s behavior is deemed suspicious or downright dangerous.

Admin console of Dropbox Business

Privacy and Transparency

To their credit, Dropbox for Business provides a wealth of resources that instruct administrators on how to best take advantage of these many features, especially as it comes to data privacy. As the platform notes, administrators have access to a variety of tools designed for these purposes, and each can be used in a number of different ways.

Take versioning and retention, for instance! By default, Dropbox Business allows users to view all versions of a given file created within 120 days, and provides an ample window to recover files and folders that were deleted by accident. While users have the ability to permanently delete a file, making it unrecoverable, this privilege can be toggled or disabled altogether.

For users who work remotely, admins also have the ability to see all of the devices accessing content from a given account at a given time. As such, if it seems as though a user has been compromised because an unfamiliar device is downloading sensitive content, admins are able to swiftly disable that access, making certain that no unsanctioned actions are taken.

Part of what makes the privacy powers of Dropbox admins so effective is that the platform ensures that administrators are able to take action on both a wide and granular. Worried that an individual user’s behavior looks odd? Temporarily disable their access to certain folders. Concerned that your whole team is getting a little lazy when it comes to security precautions? Force them all to reset their passwords.

Password control interface in Dropbox Business

Maintaining total control over who has access to what content is a crucial element of cloud collaboration, and Dropbox Business makes that easier than ever. As a result, administrators can rest assured that users are properly taking advantage of new collaboration and sharing capabilities without ever abusing their access to data!


Businesses need to be certain that the ways in which they share and store their content are compliant with a number of different regulations–some on an industry scale, with others on a far larger one.

As noted on their website, the Dropbox for Business team has worked tirelessly to ensure that their platform is compliant with a wide range of regulations, and has the reporting to back up their claims. In addition to this, the platform undergoes regular testing, a necessary precaution in a world where new regulations and updates to existing ones seem to pop up every week.

While it’s always important for organizations to monitor their own behaviors and compliance strategies, Dropbox for Business provides the added confidence that, at the very least, the storage solution you’re in won’t be letting you down. For companies adapting to new and evolved regulatory demands, this assurance is essential. Compliance can often bring with it a major learning curve, and having the security of the Dropbox for Business safety net goes a long way towards ensuring that missteps don’t leave your business drowning in penalties.

Dropbox for Business Has Got Your Back

For many new to cloud collaboration platforms, the prospect of trusting the vague idea of the cloud with your most important content can be nerve-wracking, and Dropbox for Business clearly understands that.

With an easy to navigate, intuitive, and robust admin platform that provides your IT specialist with a wealth of features–some they might not have even thought they would need–this premiere cloud storage solution is here to ensure that whatever you entrust to Dropbox, you can rest assured that it’s safe.

Your ability to understand your users, monitor your content, and design comprehensive strategies for compliance and security are of paramount importance, and when it comes to the protection of your data, Dropbox isn’t going to leave you hanging.