Feburary 2019 Release Notes

Welcome to another exciting installment of Cloud FastPath!

Our February release includes the following new features and enhancements:

Windows Agent

Cloud FastPath now measures the network latency between the Windows App and the remote file server.  The Windows SMB protocol performs poorly when latency exceeds that of a typical local area network, and this is a common cause of underperforming uploads with CFP.  You can now see the latency in the Pop Network Diagram in the history page for a transfer job.  This will be coming to the simulation page soon.

Content Mapping

CFP now provides more feedback in the UI during map processing.

Role mapping semantics are more sophisticated and will automatically resolve more conflicts in more systems such as applying both viewer and editor permissions to a folder.


In the filesystem view you can now toggle between source and target without losing your place.

You can toggle between source and target collaborators for a given file or folder, to simplify spot-checking permissions or ownership transformations.

File creation time has been added to simulation and transfer tabs when available.

The content scanner which looks for embedded links in files will now report on password-protected files that might contain links but could not be read.


The event log on the dashboard is now color-coded to make it easier to spot the most important events.

The Network Diagram has been enhanced to show the inter-POP latency.  This is just informational, since CFP’s optimized data transport works well on high latency links.

You can now delegate OAuth2 authentication to another person.

Have 10’s of thousands of users but only want to select a few? The “Cut and Paste” extension to the chooser now works for source and target accounts, so you can paste in email addresses rather than waiting for a long list of accounts to load.

We have made various mobile responsiveness improvements.


The OneDrive and SharePoint Online systems now preserve the (cosmetic) folder owner when viewed in the Microsoft UI.

The SharePoint 2007, 2010, & 2013 integration has been improved in various ways, including better duplicate handling and optimized retry logic.

Better together! You can now mix OneDrive and SharePoint Online targets in a single job.  You can create a job that targets OneDrive and direct some folders to SharePoint Online via the mapping spreadsheet, and vice versa.


Partners can now deactivate partner accounts in the UI.

The Partner plan now supports creating partner accounts for running multiple simultaneous end customer migrations with one plan.

Email alerts will now include the account name if the recipient of the email belongs to multiple Cloud FastPath accounts.