Cloud FastPath February Release Notes

Introducing the Analysis function

  • You can now explore and review the data collected during the account mapping process.
  • We have some cool new charts, including file count and size by owner, and files by creation date and last modification date.
  • You can also browse the data in “filesystem” mode, as in Simulation
  • Currently this only applies to Account Mapping jobs, but we will soon roll it out in standalone form for performing analysis independent of any job configuration.

Entirely New Account & Permission Mapping User Interface

  • The new approach is simpler to operate.
  • It includes three built-in mapping strategies to address common scenarios where permission transformation is required. (Please let us know if you want to try it — it is currently “opt in”)
  • Override permissions via the spreadsheet
  • Rename files and folders via the spreadsheet
  • Set platform specific roles via spreadsheet

Migrate, Sync and Backup Versions

  • You can now optionally migrate all versions of the source files to the target
  • Supported sources and targets are Box, Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, Sharepoint Online, Egnyte

Better Cloud FastPath Accounts

  • You may belong to multiple CFP accounts with a single email address
  • If you are invited to a second CFP account, you will be presented with an account chooser on login to the web app.
  • Also, we will alert you when your colleagues are using your CFP account at the same time you are. The person icon in the titlebar will turn orange when there is more than one active session.
  • You can now view your account’s login history in the web application
  • Partner accounts can automatically create and provision new accounts for trial or resale
  • Please contact your business development representative for details

Windows App Enhancements

  • You can specify this account name when registering a Windows App or using cfpclient
  • The 32 and 64 bit Windows Apps have been consolidated into a single, smaller download.
  • The Windows App will automatically detect the architecture and download the necessary components at install time.

Enhanced TCP Bottleneck Detection

We now compute the maximum effective TCP throughput based on measured round trip time and congestion window size, and when the transfer rate is close to this we report a “Network (TCP)” bottleneck in the metrics. This is a reliable indicator of a network constraint.

Source and Target Specific Enhancements

  • Improved solution to path name limitations when loading OneDrive and Sharepoint Online
  • “Deep Scan” support for Dropbox, where the new content hash is computed on the source and compared to Dropbox
  • Various enhancements to Dropbox Team Folder support
  • Improved duplicate filename handling, when the source does not enforce name uniqueness
  • More metadata is available in the file chooser, including shared vs non-shared files and folders