Driving Adoption and Consumption at Ignite 2017: Our Top 5 Sessions

Are you attending Ignite next week? Are you in the process of adopting OneDrive for Business and/or SharePoint Online? If yes, this post is for you!

At Cloud FastPath we are all about driving adoption with successful content migrations. While migration is just one part of a OneDrive and SharePoint Online adoption strategy, without a full migration users will find it difficult to adopt the new systems and many of the benefits that come with Office 365 will not be realized.

In addition to adoption, migration is important for increasing usage. From our perspective, the best news that came out of the Microsoft Inspire event back in July was that Microsoft has a new initiative around driving usage/consumption, not just adoption. What does that mean? Rather than just selling Office 365 seats, Microsoft will be actively monitoring how the products within Office 365 are being used, such as OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

At Ignite we are excited to show how Cloud FastPath and a successful migration can help drive both adoption and consumption of Office 365. Although there are a lot of excellent sessions, we had to pick our favorites. We’ve ordered our top five sessions from more conceptual to very tactical. Here are our top five sessions for driving adoption and consumption:

#1 – Accelerate your digital transformation with SharePoint and OneDrive

Session Link

This session cannot be missed. A “dream team” of Microsoft employees will go through how Office 365 customers can drive true organizational change with these two core collaboration platforms.

#2 – Microsoft Office 365 adoption user group meetup

Session Link

What better way to learn the in’s and out’s of adoption than from those in the process and those who have completed the process. We’re excited to hear about Tribune Media’s 8,000+ employee adoption story.

#3 – Understand how your users are using Office 365: Introducing Advanced usage reporting tools

Session Link

We were extremely impressed with the adoption content pack in power BI. Learn how to use the insights generated in Power BI as well as other tools to monitor and facilitate an adoption plan.

#4 – Migration to SharePoint and OneDrive in Office 365: Process and options

Session Link

A tactical migration session with regards to migrating to SharePoint and OneDrive. Learn how to plan and execute on a migration strategy as well as some options for migrating.

#5 – Deploy Microsoft OneDrive across users and devices: Deep dive with the product team

Session Link

The most tactical of our favorites but incredibly important. It’s crucial that the deployment of OneDrive goes as smoothly as possible for your users. Attaining a high adoption rate is very hard when users are running into issues with core features.

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