December 2017 Release Notes

For our last release of 2017, we have quite a lot to share! Our favorite upgrade this release was around the speed and responsiveness of our user interface. You will notice the difference immediately. And as always, lots of excellent updates and new capabilities for Cloud FastPath’s mapping feature like being able to limit which domains are able to receive external sharing when migrating between cloud platforms.

Account & Permission Mapping

  • “Data Transfer Only” run mode for permission mapping jobs does not apply permissions. This is best used for the final cutover synchronizations, drastically shortening the scan and transfer times.
  • Permissions can be added and removed on the paths tab in addition to the target paths tab
  • Users and groups without files included in the job will not have to be mapped.
  • Access errors for source folders will be reported in the permission mapping spreadsheet if they affect ACLs
  • External sharing may be limited by a list of approved emails.

User Interface

  • Many general UI performance improvements – especially for accounts with many jobs
  • Added “Job Details” mode which adds information about previous job runs to the job list
    Job and POP search boxes
  • See where your data is moving to, from, and where Cloud FastPath’s systems interact with the new POP Network Diagram.


  • Faster generation of large and complex analysis reports
  • Show the expected changes to ACLs in Cloud FastPath Simulation reports

Sources and targets

  • Added Workspaces support for the Huddle adapter

As always, let us know if you have any questions

Best regards,

The Cloud FastPath Team