Check Out Our Top Three Sessions From Google’s 2018 NEXT Conference

This year’s Google NEXT conference offered an explosive look in the power of GSuite and Google Cloud, boasting a cornucopia of sessions from which attendees could choose. The keynotes and conversations at Google NEXT provided those who went with a full view of the diverse and flexible capabilities of Google’s cloud platforms. Covering most every topic you could imagine, speakers at NEXT worked overtime to help audiences understand every detail of every feature that Google is providing to organizations looking to migrate.

Of course, not everyone who’s interested in Google’s enterprise-level cloud solutions had the time to attend, and so Cloud FastPath has compiled what we believe were the most noteworthy sessions at the conference related to Google Drive, GSutie and migration. With dozens of discussions being held every day it was certainly difficult to narrow it down to just three. However, we’re confident that these selections provide the best possible window into the benefits of Google’s entire cloud platform, and–by extension–the conference discourse as a whole!

The Value of G Suite, and How the State of Colorado Saved Millions

Hosted by Ryan Mulholland, who works in Google Professional Services focusing on state and local governments, the first among our selection of keynotes digs deep into the value of G Suite. We’ve previously written about the powerful integration between G Suite and Google Cloud services–how it gives enterprises access to a library of apps that addresses nearly every possible need–but Mulholland deepens the understanding of how truly exceptional that integration can be. As the video explains, the state government of Colorado stored 34,000 users on 28,000 mobile devices, taking advantage of 712 Google sites, and possessing 26.5 million files in Drive.

It only gets more remarkable from there.

In this session, Google gives viewers a look at the teams that help organizations deploy G Suite and Drive on an enterprise scale, as well as the successes and challenges different organizations have when adopting the platforms. Providing not only an in-depth look at the experience that the state of Colorado had, but also a primer of deployment best practices, this keynote offered a thorough look at G Suite, how it functions for businesses, and why it’s able to save organizations so much money without sacrificing quality storage, comprehensive security, or adaptable collaboration.

While migration and deployment are not always easy, they ultimately help organizations across all industries grow and thrive. As demonstrated in this particular session, the benefits of cloud adoption that come when an enterprise is willing to embrace the power of change are numerous. Whether or not you have an interest in how the cloud is used specifically in local governments, this keynote is a must-listen!

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Google Drive: An Intuitive Partner for Content Services

In this session, hosted by Google’s Hodie Meyers, audiences get a look at the way Google Drive is revolutionizing content services. Meyers discusses the challenges most businesses face when it comes to creating and sharing important content, specifically addressing the burden of overly complex ECM systems.

As stated in the slide, Meyers and the rest of the Drive team understand that an abundance of features can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing. Just like an excessively stocked buffet, too many features cause confusion and indecision more than they empower innovation. They increase the time it takes to onboard new employees. They deter current users from using necessary tools. They bury users in a multitude of minor irrelevant tasks, ultimately causing them to neglect the important projects to which they might otherwise be dedicated.

As Meyers explains, Drive has built a better, streamlined set of content services tools–a platform that gives organizations all of the tools they need, but has removed the distracting, often confusing bells and whistles that can infect other ECM systems. This includes features that help and encourage users to update metadata before it becomes stale, that helps different teams working on shared files create a unified taxonomy for tags and other classifications as to eliminate disorganization and some of the frustrating chaos that can come with trying to keep aspects of metadata consistent.

In all, it’s a fascinating look at the challenges many businesses and teams face when it comes to the nuances and the big picture of content services. Drive’s dedication to an intuitive and simplified–yet still powerful and detailed–approach to these issues is well worth a listen. For anyone who has struggled with ECM systems or felt overwhelmed by content management, this specific keynote is stellar!

The Easiest Cloud Transition in the Universe: Migrating from On-Prem to G Suite

Cloud migration is one of the best tools for enterprise optimization. Escaping the clutches of unnecessarily costly files servers that seem to demand constant maintenance just to get by, is probably the best thing you can do for your business. However, migrating from on-premises storage can also be a challenging, anxiety-producing process. Luckily, with G Suite and Google Drive, the transition needn’t be bumpy at all!

To demonstrate this, the final NEXT session we’re recommending takes a look at the case study of Adler planetarium, which recently moved to Google’s cloud storage solutions. Since then, Adler has experienced a wide range of benefits, and an incredible drop in service tickets (68 percent!). As discussed by the panel of experts leading the keynote, Adler–which was founded in 1930–was able to easily transition from the old to the new with the help of G Suite, providing a far better experience for both employees and customers in the process.

Because cloud migration can often feel like an almost planetary leap, Google provides cloud services that ensure that the switch is as easy as it is transformative. Explored in depth by the speakers hosting the keynote, this session offers audiences a detailed look at how migrating to G Suite helps organizations seize on the full power of the cloud without suffering whiplash from the transition.

Check it out!

Google NEXT Offered the Best Look Yet at the Power of Google Cloud Services

It speaks to the breadth of NEXT 2018, that it took so much work to narrow this list down to just three session. This year, Google worked hard to make sure every nook and cranny of their cloud options was covered, resulting in a deluge of fascinating presentations and conversations, all of which you can explore here!

As Google’s cloud services evolve and expand, it’s clear they’re not wasting any time diversifying their platforms to meet as many different needs from as many different businesses as possible. In short, this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.

How can you not be excited about that?