BoxWorks 2018 Offered an Exciting Vision for the Near-Future of Cloud Collaboration

As always, this year’s BoxWorks was a thrilling chance to peek at the latest updates to one of the most powerful cloud collaboration platforms on the market. With a packed slate of sessions and a roster of some of the most engaging cloud experts in the industry, BoxWorks was a carnival of new ideas and technology in the cloud storage revolution. As a Gold sponsor in our fifth year of attendance, BoxWorks was an especially exciting experience for Cloud FastPath!

While many of the streams have not been posted yet for those who could not attend, There’s still plenty of BoxWorks content to absorb–some from Box and some from those who attended. These articles are a great way to get a taste of what was discussed at the event in digestible, bite-size chunks, and to ascertain what is in store for the future of cloud collaboration. As such, we’ve compiled some of those pieces so that you can explore the entire BoxWorks spread!

Automation and Machine Learning Abounds

This was a big year for anyone interested in evolving collaborative tools in the cloud, especially for workflow management and task-simplification.

A while ago, we wrote about the exciting Box Skills suite: a collaboration tool based around top-of-the-line machine learning technology that allows users to do everything from automatically transcribe video, break-down audio files by the tone of voice of the speaker or topic at hand, or recognize specific individuals and objects in photographs. Ever since Box Skills was announced, people have been excited to get their hands on these new tools, and now we all know when they can. As announced at BoxWorks, Box Skills will be available in full December of this year!

Along with the powerful tools of Box Skills, Box announced a new automation tool called Box Tasks. A cousin of Box Relay–Box’s workflow management tool–Box Tasks is designed to help teams designate sub-jobs within a project, keep track of ongoing jobs, and communicate about deadlines and division and labor. For large projects spread over long periods of time, Box Tasks promises to help users stay on top of every single piece of their job, and make sure that all team members are on the same page.

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The Suggestive Power of Box’s Activity Stream

What if there was a cloud collaboration platform that could–based on your content–make suggestions about just what you could do with it? Well, now there is.

Box’s activity stream, which drew a great deal of attention at BoxWorks 2018 allows users to receive suggestions from Box about how they can use the hundreds of different third-party apps available through Box to optimize the content on which they’re currently working. These application and action suggestions provide users with a constant roadmap to their Box and to the often daunting potential of the platform. With potentially thousands of apps at their disposal, it’s impossible for users to know every single option they have at any given time. With this new stream, they don’t need to waste time shuffling through mountains of integrations to see if there’s potentially a tool for the project they’re working on. It’s enough of a headache digging through Netflix for a movie to watch. For users on a deadline, doing the same thing with cloud applications can be a nightmare.

But like most problems, Box knows there’s no good reason to not pursue a solution. Box’s activity stream is looking like a very promising solution.

Box’s New G Suite Integration is Waiting for You

The ongoing partnership between Box and Google has reached its next stage, with a Box/G Suite Integration now available for users in public beta! With this announcement, Box generated a wave of excitement about the full potential of this integration–the combined flexibility, and reach of two of the most powerful collaboration platforms coming together.

As Box writes on its blog, that flexibility is precisely the goal of this new team-up. Recognizing how many users rely on (or simply enjoy) the wide range of tools available in G Suite, they set out to find a way that users can take advantage of all their favorite tools in Box. While Box already has thousands of third-party app integrations, the popularity of G Suite and the tools it contains is pretty much unmatched. By simplifying the ways in which Box users can take advantage of G Suite, Box is simplifying the whole process of collaboration, ensuring the teams don’t have to feel like they’re juggling multiple tools, but, instead, working with one comprehensive toolbox.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

With so many sessions to choose from, and so many experts with whom to chat, it seems almost impossible to boil BoxWorks down to just one piece. While the included announcements might have been the highest profile, there’s so much more to discover, and so much more to be released as time goes on.

For anyone invested in cloud collaboration platforms, BoxWorks is one of the biggest and most exciting events of the year. In the coming weeks, it’s likely that even more exciting announcements will come to light, but in the meantime there’s still more than enough to savor!