Box Skills Shows What the Cloud is Capable Of

We’ve talked time and time again about the power of cloud solutions platforms: how they provide organizations and users with a whole new universe of ways to leverage the value of their content. Cloud content platforms offer new avenues and structures for collaboration; advanced tools for cybersecurity and data protection; and a host of updated options for admins who are looking to take better control of sharing and permissions, the sort that can make or break the organization of complicated file structures.

Now, with Box Skills, the next phase of machine learning has become available to integrate with an organizations content, and it’s a bolder than ever demonstration of what the cloud is capable of, and what other storage solutions–such as on-premises servers–simply aren’t.

Box Skills, which was announced by Box CEO back at BoxWorks in October, is a new set of artificial intelligence tools that will soon be available for Box users, and the implications of what it can do are staggering.

With Box Skills, users can organize their photos and documents with heightened accuracy, as the system is able to recognize elements within a picture–such as a balloon or a tennis racquet–and tag the photo accordingly. Text from the photo is also automatically read and documented.

Box Skills analyzes audio clips, allowing listeners to see topics mentioned in them, where those topics are mentioned, what tone the speaker has used, and a full transcript.

Even more impressive is the system’s transcription capabilities, which work on both audio files and videos. Box Skills can automatically produce transcripts for whatever you upload, and even let you know where in that video or audio certain terms or phrases occur. In the case of video, the platform can do the same for faces, providing users with a catalogue of who appears in the frame when, and what they’re saying.

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Imagine recording a phone call or interview, a webinar or sales call, and being able to quickly return to the exact moment you need without having to painfully scroll and scrub through minutes or hours of content. This level of revolutionary capability empowers users in all departments in an organization to seize on content in new and dynamic ways, to cut the time it takes to sort and organize down exponentially, and to refocus their attention on doing what they want to be doing, not the needless grunt work it takes just to hike to square one of a project.

Using machine learning, Box Skills can recognize the faces in your video, and tell you exactly when they appear.

With Gartner predicting an 800% growth in data in the next 5 years, these abilities will be invaluable. For so many organizations, data is the heart of business, and effectively working with mountains upon ever-growing mountains of it makes the difference between failure and success. Tools like Box Skills recognize this, and they’re designed to provide new and powerful ways for enterprises to make sense of what can already seem like an overwhelming deluge of information. Box Skills represents a massive leap forward in putting machine learning in the hands of those who need it, whose jobs could be made easier, and whose organization’s stronger through its effective implementation.

But tools like Box Skills aren’t available outside the cloud, and as more and more options like Box Skills invade the toolkits of businesses, the already paltry flexibility of on-premises servers will continue to dwindle. On-premises servers simply do not provide users with the ability to make use of their data in the way they need now, and will ever-increasingly as data grows in bulk. Denying the efficacy and primacy of cloud storage and collaborative solutions does nothing but saddle organizations and users with the wrong tools for the job, and as more and more data floods enterprises, their ability to manage it will collapse, or–at the very least–weaken to a degree that only damages those enterprises ability to innovate in the way their users and administrators dreamed of when they started their work.

This is why cloud migration is so important, and this is why Cloud FastPath keeps hammering home its essentialness. There’s a whole world of data-driven possibility at your fingertips, and migration is the track inside.

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