Cloud FastPath April 2017 Release Notes

Job tagging & categorization

  • You can turn this on from the “triangle” menu for Jobs
  • You can assign tags and categories, and then filter to only show jobs with a specific tag or category
  • This is intended to help with managing accounts with large numbers of jobs
  • In a future release we will add reporting and analytics for groups of jobs by tag.

Account and permission mapping improvements

  • The UI flow is now more linear
  • Add analysis and simulation review inline
  • Add new user mapping scenario “preserve file structure, restrict permissions”
  • Accounts are now scanned in parallel when generating mapping information

Analytics improvements

  • New User-based analytics showing per user details analysis, simulation, and transfer report screens
  • This shows all users, and allows drilling down to the files owned by each user, etc.
  • This can also show users who do not own any files
  • New analysis-only jobs which are fast and easy to configure
  • You can now review historical instances of analysis and simulation jobs, as well as the most recent

Job scheduling

  • Simulations and account maps can be scheduled in addition to transfer jobs

Adapter improvements

  • Various enhancements to on-premises Sharepoint adapter
  • User drive support for OneDrive for Business
  • The Microsoft Migration API is now enabled by default

Per-job run event logs

  • The event log for an individual job run is now available in the history tab

File Choosers

  • File choosers now allow selection of the root folder
  • File choosers now support import/export from the web UI


  • The Windows app will now prompt you to select a CFP account if you belong to multiple accounts
  • There’s a new sample application in the cfpclient command line tools package