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Here Are Our Most Anticipated Ignite 2018 Sessions!

With Ignite fast approaching, there’s a lot to look forward to. With so many sessions to choose from, attendees will have the power to choose talks on exactly what interests them, and to explore new topics and advances they may ...
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BoxWorks 2018 Offered an Exciting Vision for the Near-Future of Cloud Collaboration

As always, this year’s BoxWorks was a thrilling chance to peek at the latest updates to one of the most powerful cloud collaboration platforms on the market. With a packed slate of sessions and a roster of some of the ...
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Our Favorite Google Drive Admin Tools – Part 1

One of the great strengths of Google Drive for businesses is the wealth of tools and integrations the platform provides. In addition to the robust features already built-in, Google’s premiere cloud content collaboration solution enables users and admins alike to ...
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Box Relay is Changing the Way Businesses Handle Workflow

For any organization, large or small, maintaining organization and productivity is critical to enterprise-wide success. Whether thinking about projects being managed within a single department or a task that demands the attention and contribution of multiple departments, ensuring that workflow ...
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Congrats! You’ve Just Completed a Large-scale Migration. Be ready to do it again.

Pat yourself on the back. You’ve migrated all your critical data to a robust and secure cloud platform. It may have been a time-consuming and intense battle, but you have finally located, consolidated, and relocated all of your company’s data, ...
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The Intrazone Gives Users an In-Depth Look at OneDrive

On the most recent episode of the Intrazone—a Microsoft podcast discussing how Office 365 solutions can help organizations build a thriving and dynamic intranet, co-hosts Mark Cashman and Chris McNulty dive into the power of OneDrive. While we're big fans ...
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Check Out Our Top Three Sessions From Google’s 2018 NEXT Conference

This year’s Google NEXT conference offered an explosive look in the power of GSuite and Google Cloud, boasting a cornucopia of sessions from which attendees could choose. The keynotes and conversations at Google NEXT provided those who went with a ...
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Today’s Living Business Requires Data That Moves Quickly and Securely

As more and more businesses go paperless and deploy digital workflows, data volumes are growing exponentially year-over-year. This trend is illustrated by an article in Forbes, which notes 84% of enterprises have launched advanced analytics and Big Data initiatives to ...
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Planning for Mergers & Acquisitions: Make Sure Data Movement Is On Your Checklist

Mergers and acquisitions have just about become a fact of life for large enterprises and even for small and medium-size businesses poised for growth. They are difficult to predict and can happen at a rapid pace. Those in the company ...
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