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What’s the Difference Between an E3 and E5 Office License?

Selecting and designing an ideal cloud storage environment is a major undertaking, and requires careful consideration, no matter the platform of your choice. Whether migrating to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or SharePoint Online, there are numerous choices that must be ...
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How Do Cloud Collaboration Platforms Handle Backup?

Because they understand the importance of backup in the digital age, cloud collaboration platforms arm organizations that migrate with a wide range of backup features and tools to help protect their data. While some businesses who rely on servers will ...
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Cloud Migration and Backup Go Hand in Hand!

While many organizations are content to remand their files to on-premises storage, and simply back those servers up locally, this is ultimately a wasted opportunity. As we’ve discussed in the past, migrating to the cloud is one of the best ...
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Top 5 Biggest Backup Misconceptions

While backup has always been a major factor in content storage, the concept has radically changed over time—in part because of the amount of businesses who have moved their files to the cloud. Nowadays, content is just as much about ...
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Mastering External Sharing in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online for Admins

External sharing is one of the core values of cloud collaboration platforms, and the ability to manage that sharing is one of the best things the cloud has going for it. For businesses that rely on file servers, most external ...
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Unstructured Content: The Next Great Migration Frontier for MSPs

As cloud services become the norm, millennials take over the workforce, and expectations around workplace solutions become more demanding, MSPs are moving away from the “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” mentality. No piece of technology fits that mantra ...
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Cloud FastPath Perfects Migration Management

Cloud FastPath, at its core, is designed not just to achieve migration success, but to empower migrators. Migrating into and between cloud collaboration platforms is a complicated process, demanding a fair amount of attention from those in charge of handling ...
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Understanding Power Users Demonstrates the Importance of Migration Analytics

When it comes to migrating into or between cloud collaboration platforms, understanding your source content is key. While many organizations might feel comfortable saying they already know what their storage solutions contain, it’s often the case that the nuances of ...
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How Do Cloud Collaboration Platforms Handle Search: An Investigation

It’s impossible to overstate how much we take search capabilities for granted. When a cloud platform advertises its search technology, it can often feel like an apartment ad bragging that the place has walls. We assume that search functionality--and powerful ...
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