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How Do Cloud Collaboration Platforms Handle Search: An Investigation

It’s impossible to overstate how much we take search capabilities for granted. When a cloud platform advertises its search technology, it can often feel like an apartment ad bragging that the place has walls. We assume that search functionality--and powerful ...
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Dropbox as a File Server? You Bet!

As one of the most recognizable names in cloud storage, Dropbox has been helping users safeguard and easily access their files since 2007. With easy to use functionalities, and a common-sense interface. In recent years, Dropbox has expanded its reach ...
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Cloud FastPath Now Identifies Linked Files. Here’s Why That Matters!

One of the major sticking points in enterprise-level migrations can be the presence of linked files, which often go undetected by IT personnel as they are designing and planning migration. Like any oversight, linked files--when not spotted and dealt with ...
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How To Create a SharePoint Online Site

As we’ve discussed previously, one of the unique strengths of SharePoint Online (SPO) is the breadth of site options available to users within their SPO environment. Whether a given organization would benefit from Teams, a Group Sites, or Communication Sites, ...
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November 2018 Release Notes

We're constantly striving to bring improved functionality, reliability, and usability to Cloud FastPath, and to keep our users, both current and future, briefed on what’s new for the Cloud FastPath tool. Cloud collaboration platforms and cloud migration needs are ever-evolving, ...
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How to Migrate Files to Microsoft Teams

With the SharePoint Online and Office 365 cloud platforms, users have a number of options on how to store and use their data. As documented in our Ultimate Guide to Migrating Shared Drives to SharePoint Online, these options provide different ...
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Your VPN Sucks, and Your Users Hate It

VPNs are a tool that most organizations employ in one way or another, so much so that relying on them is taken by any enterprises as a given. Especially for businesses that use legacy storage solutions such as on-premises file ...
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Check Out Cloud FastPath’s Ultimate Guide to Migrating Shared Drives to SharePoint Online

If you’re considering migrating your shared drives to SharePoint Online, there are a number of things you have to consider. How are you going to structure your SharePoint Online architecture? What sort of sites do you want to make the ...
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Graduate from Old Storage with These Cloud Migration Pointers for Colleges and Universities

As cloud collaboration platforms become more and more popular and advanced, migrating large amounts of content to these platforms is common among an increasingly diverse slate of industries. One of the most dynamic examples of this is happening among colleges ...
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