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June 2019 Release Notes

Ring in the summer with a new and dynamic installment of Cloud FastPath! Continue reading below to see what's new in CFP for June, and how Cloud FastPath is continuing to raise the bar on what an enterprise-level migration solution ...
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The Undeniable Value of Cloud Mobility

For users working on complex projects, or teams collaborating on long term initiatives, consistent real-time access to content is essential. More and more, individuals find themselves needing to work on the go, and they demand a storage and collaboration solution ...
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Get to Know the Security Features in Dropbox Business

Like its competitor platforms, Dropbox for Business has proven itself dedicated to providing powerful and robust security features for end users and admins alike. The cloud solution offers numerous options with regards to data protection, especially in the wake of ...
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Debunking the Top 5 Cloud Migration Objections with Cloud FastPath

So you’ve been thinking about migration, but you’re still not entirely sure if it’s what you want to do. That’s totally understandable! Migration is a big undertaking and a bit of trepidation makes sense for businesses that are starting to ...
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Why Migrate Away From Your Servers…Using More Servers?

Imagine this: your organization has--after much discussion--made the decision to get rid of your on-premises storage and move your content to the cloud. The prospect is no doubt exciting--the enhanced collaboration features, compliance tools, and mobile options will make it ...
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So What is the Digital Workplace, Really?

Every industry has its fair share of buzzwords that get thrown around, often to the point of losing all meaning. Whether these are new trends or vague punchy concepts, it can be frustrating to master them, only to have them ...
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Looking for Enhanced Data Governance? Look to Microsoft Flow

Compliance and data governance have been at the forefront of the storage conversation for a while now, and as regulations grow more concrete with the likes of GDPR and other laws, it’s important for organizations to take the issue seriously ...
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The BBC Migrates Over One Petabyte into Dropbox Using Cloud FastPath

Boston, March 27th 2018 - Tervela today announced the successful migration of The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to Dropbox Enterprise using Tervela's leading migration software, Cloud FastPath. Cloud FastPath powered the enormous migration of over 23,000 BBC employees from two ...
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Cloud Migration: It’s Not Drag and Drop

We’ve all started putting our files in the cloud. Maybe you have your personal docs in DropBox or GDrive. Your work might have you storing and sharing files in Box or Microsoft OneDrive. And getting files from your My Documents ...
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