Rein In Your Storage Sprawl

Robust Content Analysis and Transfer Simulation for Successful Migration, Sync, and Backup


Analyze and Identify

Gain insight into source content and permissions to organize a large scale migration, sync, or backup

Consolidate Systems

Segment users based on ownership and sharing to standardize storage onto one platform

Cleanup Storage

Leave your problems in the old system. Identify issues, unused accounts, storage hogs, and more

Predict Outcomes

Identify potential errors, bottlenecks, and know how long a transfer will take. Without moving a single file



Cloud FastPath can identify linked files in file servers

Using Cloud Fastpath to find linked files in file servers

Analysis Feature

Cloud FastPath’s analysis feature scans the source data to give you insight into your users and their content. The analysis feature is a must-have for planning a migration of many hundreds or thousands of users spread across disparate storage systems. Analyze content on a per-user or path-based basis and filter on file properties such as last modified date, size, type, owner, and much more.
Simulate Feature
Cloud FastPath’s simulate feature makes a migration predictable by showing what would happen if a migration with a particular configuration occurred. Without transferring any files the simulate feature uses understanding of the content, the source system, and the target systems to identify potential errors like path length issues, disallowed filetypes, and disallowed characters, bottlenecks like file rate limiters, as well as gives estimates for how long a job will take.